Where to find San Bernardino County and Riverside County Municipal Codes

Most cities, towns and counties in California codify their ordinances in municipal codes.  Codes are organized versions of ordinances passed by the legislative body of the local agency (such as City Council in incorporated cities, Boards of Supervisors in Counties).  They make it easier to find a particular law and make it easier to give a citation to a particular section.  Cities and Counties often organize their codes into Titles, Chapters and Sections. You will often find that the general scheme of municipal codes are similar.  For example, many local cities entitle Title 6 “Animals.”  Some ordinance are not codified at all, and some local agencies do not codify their ordinances.  Some agencies separately codify their zoning ordinances

Where do you find local San Bernardino County and Riverside County Municipal Codes for cities like San Bernardino, Riverside and Ontario as well as the County of San Bernardino and the County of Riverside?  The official copy is kept by each City Clerk or Clerk of the Board.  Copies of the official code can be found in local libraries, and law libraries.  Interested persons should rely on the original ordinance if possible, then the printed copy, and make sure the copy of the municipal code is current.

However, there are online versions available of local municipal codes.  When I was an Assistant City Attorney and a Deputy City Attorney, I sometimes found errors or omissions in online codes (and even in printed codes).  When in doubt, get a copy of the written code, or check the original, uncodified ordinance.

County of San Bernardino Code

County of Riverside Code

Here are the codes of the five largest cities in each county:

Riverside County

City of Riverside

City of Moreno Valley

City of Temecula

City of Corona

City of Murrieta

San Bernardino County

City of San Bernardino

City of Fontana

City of Ontario

City of Rancho Cucamonga

City of Victorville

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