How to find County of San Bernardino Fair Political Practices Commission Form 700s on the Internet

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

The Political Reform Act (not to be confused with the other PRA, the Public Records Act) is another cornerstone of open government in California.  The Statement of Economic Interests (SEI), also known as the Fair Political Practices Commission Form 700, requires certain public officials to disclose a variety of interests.  Some officials are required by state law to file the Form 700, and some are required by the agencies’ conflict of interest code.  I worked on two revisions of the City of Redlands’ conflict of interest code during my time as Assistant City Attorney in the City of Redlands City Attorney’s Office.

The County of San Bernardino provides a redacted version of the form online here.  The address appears to be redacted, though most people put their business office in the address.  If the only zip code appearing is 92415, which I believe is an exclusively County zip code, you can bet it is a business address.  You can inspect at the original filed statement if you want to see the full address.  You can also find the Form 700s of the Board of Supervisors here at the Fair Political Practices Commission website.

On the County site, you can search back to 2007 through 2011, but it defaults to the current calendar year.  By “County site” I mean an outside vendor,, which allows County employees to file their SEI online.

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