County of San Bernardino To Consider Allowing Mobile Gourmet (or at least Hot) Food Trucks At August 9, 2011 Board of Supervisors Meeting

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law.

The Board of Supervisors, at their August 9, 2011 meeting, have an agenda item regarding allowing food trucks.   This is a follow-up on Supervisor Janice Rutherford’s call regarding food trucks.  There will be a staff report at the meeting with a request for direction by the Board of Supervisors.  If you want to be heard on this issue, now is the time to do so, by calling your Supervisor (or at least a Supervisor), or by sending electronic mail, or attending the meeting and speaking on the agenda item.

The staff report suggests these possible actions by the County of San Bernardino and seeks the Board’s direction on the issue:


In general, three options identified relative to the County’s regulation of hot food truck operations
in the County are outlined below followed by detailed descriptions, impacts and summaries for
each option:
1. Maintain the existing County health and safety ordinance and prohibition of hot food trucks
except when operating as a temporary food facility at an approved community event.
2. Amend the existing County health and safety ordinance to establish a new category of
“hot foot truck events.”
3. Amend the existing County health and safety ordinance to permit hot food trucks to
operate throughout the County.


The report acknowledges that San Bernardino and Riverside are believed to be the only California counties that prohibit mobile food trucks.

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