How to Answer Form Interrogatory Number 17.1 on Personal Injury Form Interrogatories

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law.

Discovery is an important part of any personal injury case.  Form Interrogatory Section 17.0 is labeled Responses to Request for Admissions.  This is commonly served in a personal injury case in conjunction with a Request for Admissions.  The text of Form Interrogatory Number 17.1 is:

Is your response to each request for admission served with these interrogatories an unqualified admission?  If not, for each response that is not an unqualified admission:

(a) state the number of the request;

(b) state all facts upon which you base your response;

(c) state the names, ADDRESSES, and telephone numbers of all PERSONS who have knowledge of those facts; and

(d) identify all DOCUMENTS and other tangible things that support your response and state the name, ADDRESS, and telephone number of the PERSON who has each DOCUMENT or thing.  Form Interrogatory 17.1 California Judicial Council Form DISC-001 (Revised January 1, 2008), Page 7 of 8.


The words in boldface capitals in the interrogatories are defined in Section 4 of Form Interrogatories-General.   ADDRESS is defined as “street address, including the city, state and zip code.”  PERSON means “a natural person, firm, association, organization, partnership, business, trust, limited liability company, corporation, or public entity.”  DOCUMENT means “a writing, as defined in Evidence Code section 250, and includes the original or a copy of handwriting, typewriting, printing, photostats, photographs, electronically stored information, and every other means of recording upon a tangible thing and form of communicating or representation, including letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols, or combinations of them.”

How, then, does a plaintiff or defendant answer Form Interrogatory Number 17.1?  Here is an example.   If the Request for Admission, Number 9 is “Please admit that YOU own the property where the PLAINTIFF was injured on the date of the INCIDENT,” and you did not admit the Request for Admission, the response would be

Response to Form Interrogatory Number 17.1:


(a) Request for Admissions, Set One, Request 9;

(b) Defendant did not own the property where the Plaintiff was injured on the date of the incident because Defendant had sold the property to Cr0ss-Defendant City of Rancho Muscupiabe,  on August 21, 2009;

(c) Defendant, 300 E. State St. #517, Redlands, California, (909) 296-6708  Cr0ss-Defendant City of Rancho Muscupiabe, 1200 Hill Drive, Rancho Muscupiabe, CA 92407, (909) 708-6055.

(d) Quitclaim deed, a recorded copy which is in possession of Cross-Defendant  City of Rancho Muscupiabe, 1200 Hill Drive, Rancho Muscupiabe, CA 92407, (909) 708-6055.


If each response to the Request for Admission is an unqualified admission, then the answering party must simply respond to Form Interrogatory 17.1 in this way.
Response to Form Interrogatory Number 17.1:


This interrogatory is an important tool because it explains why a party has denied a Request for Admissions, and allows the asking party to detail why the party is not admitting to certain facts.

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