Anecdotal Evidence: More Larry Lee Signs Than Chas Kelley Signs Along Kendall Drive

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law.

While traveling north on Kendall Drive and also on Sheridan, I saw more Larry A. Lee yard signs then Chas Kelley signs. I am not sure that means anything, other than maybe Larry Lee had a head start on walking.

I am not sure of the genesis of Pastor Lee’s run, though there are a few scant clues on a Larry Lee door hanger that has been provided to me. The door hanger says, on the front: “Better things are yet to come. Better things are still to be done in the city. join me in making San Bernardino a place people want to move to. Help me make San Bernardino a place people are proud to be from and not ashamed of. It’s time for a change”

The back says “Larry Lee understands: The seriousness of the problems we face. The stewardship of our city’s resources and affairs. The necessity of interdependence.

“Larry Lee will: Represent the entire 5th ward and city passionately. Work hard on issues of jobs and the economy. Maintain and help to find ways to improve the safety and protection of our residents. Not support any new taxes and will fight to lower them, when and wherever possible. Larry Lee is a community servant at will lead with courage, veracity and fortitude.”

This is a “get to know you” piece, and there are no explicit swipes at Council Member Kelley. If I were to guess the motives present, I would focus on “It’s time for a change” and Pastor Lee’s understanding of the ” necessity of interdependence” suggesting those times when Council Member Kelley has voted differently then the current Council majority.

In other non- news, I also saw the first Esther Jimenez for City Clerk yard sign.

Is the Apple iPad a Serious Legal Tool?

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law.

I have had my iPad 2 for about six months now. I do not use it much for work. It has its plusses. The Westlaw Next app works as well as the web version. Email is much easier than on the iPhone. This post is being mostly created on the iPad, but I am going to add the HTML on a real computer.

However, it is next to impossible to type anything but a short note. The keyboard does not give the right feedback, and even a netbook gives you a better typing experience. I have considered a Bluetooth Keyboard, but isn’t the Leading feature of the iPad its size? I also don’t understand the people buying a massive iPad protector. For one, it is pretty durable. But once again, you lose some of its agility

The iPad 2 does some things great (video, amazing battery life, the calendar [September 19, 2011 update from a computer: instant on]) other things well ( reading, the web), and some things not well (syncing, backup, printing, multitasking, copying, and multi-touch sometimes is not a precise as I would like), but I have not even bothered to try to do the one thing that I need the most: word processing. Yes, I know there are a few apps out there.

When I started my own practice, I finally abandoned WordPerfect. I had tried before, but pleadings were more difficult, and I always had support staff or colleagues who were resistant. I started off using WordStar before I even learned to type. When I switched from MS-DOS to Windows 3.1, I had to switch out to do word processing. If only there was a better way. Through the miracle of academic pricing, I discovered the best piece of software ever designed, and never bettered: Microsoft Word 2.0. It did everything.

But I digress. What I need is Word (and Excel) for iPad. I don’t want an emulator, because I cannot have any glitches that take an hour to get out of a pleading. Until that moment arrives, the iPad cannot “party seriously.”

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