The San Bernardino City Clerk’s Race: Who is donating to Esther Jimenez, William Valle, Amelia Sanchez-Lopez, Peggi Hazlett and Gigi Hanna?

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

The City Clerk’s race is getting very little exposure from the major newspapers in the area, so here is follow-up to the earlier post on the giving and spending in the race.

Date Rec’d Name and City Occupation/Employer if Ind. This Period
Peggi Hazlett
7/18/2011 Tjaarda Dairy, Shafter, CA [Loan, no interest, due 12/31/2011] 10,000
Total contributions this election $10,000
Esther Jimenez
7/11/2011 Linda Lawson, Perris Self-Employed, Lawson Business Services 100
7/13/2011 Roxanne Cochran, SB Human Resources Analyst, SB County 100
7/19/2011 Arrowhead Credit Union [Commercial Loan, 9.9% rate, no due date] 3,800
7/20/2011 Robert McBay, SB Executive Director, Lighthouse for the Blind 200
7/22/2011 Tom Rivera, Grand Terrace Associate Dean, Educational Support, CSU San Bernardino 200
7/29/2011 Alex Alonzo, SB Retired 100
7/29/2011 Marie Alozo, SB Retired 100
8/4/2011 Marsha Engelman, SB Administrative Assistant, Riverside County 100
8/4/2011 Jerry Casillas, SB Self-employed, RLC Property Mangement 100
8/4/2011 Virginia Marquez, SB City Councilmember, SB [Nonmonetary: Catering] 315
8/5/2011 Wilmer Amina Carter for Assembly 500
8/8/2011 Barbara Stanfield, Upland Chiropractor, LaLama Chiropractic Offices 100
8/13/2011 Gloria Harrison, SB Administrator, Crafton Hills College 100
8/19/2011 Richard Gonzales, Redlands Retired 1,550
8/22/2011 Catherine Macias, Loma Linda Lead Kitchen Supervior CNS Redlands Unified 100
8/23/2011 William Aguilar, SB Retired 100
8/25/2011 James Ramos, Highland Community College Board Member, SBCCD 1,000
8/27/2011 John Jimenez, Rancho Cucamonga Warehouseman, Coca-Cola 225
8/28/2011 Judy Galloway, Santa Maria Secretary 100
9/1/2011 Robert Armenta, Jr., Colton Vice President, PPOSBC 500
9/10/2011 Trinidad Jimenez, SB Retired 100
9/13/2011 Donald Gee, Redlands Self-employed 100
9/13/2011 Estella Botello, Calimesa Retired 200
9/13/2011 Tramy Nguyen, Rancho Cucamonga Teacher, California State Prison 150
9/13/2011 Marielena Shorett, Highland Retired 225
9/13/2011 Robert Jimenez, SB Retired 350
9/17/2011 John Chavez, SB Social Worker, Riverside County Hospital 100
9/17/2011 Arthur Jimenez, Riverside Custodian, Loma Linda Veterans Hospital 950
9/18/2011 Frances Vasquez, Riverside Retired 525
Unitemized Monetary below $100 1,732
Unitemized Non-Monetary below $100 439
Total contributions this election $14,261
Amelia Sanchez-Lopez
7/12/2011 Amelia Sanchez-Lopez, SB [Loan, no interest, due 6/30/2012] 600
7/14/2011 Amelia Sanchez-Lopez, SB [Loan, no interest, due 6/30/2012] 500
8/1/2011 Amelia Sanchez-Lopez, SB [Loan, no interest, due 6/30/2012] 1,000
8/1/2011 Evelyn Wilcox, SB CEO, Manpower of San Bernardino 200
8/15/2011 Amelia Sanchez-Lopez, SB [Loan, no interest, due 6/30/2012] 4,000
8/30/2011 David de la Torre, SB Probation Officer, SB County [Food, Beverages, Supplies] 226.61
8/31/2011 Henry Empeno, Moreno Valley Attorney, City of San Bernardino 100
9/2/2011 Nelva Costello, SB Administrative Assistant, City of San Bernardnio 100
9/2/2011 Aurelio De La Torre, Colton City Treasurer, Colton 100
9/2/2011 Wendy McCammack, SB Self, Express Print & Mail 200
9/2/2011 Funtevida Mora, SB Insurance Sales 200
9/2/2011 Friends of Judi Penman 500
9/2/2011 Allen Sanchez, SB Retired 100
9/2/2011 Evelyn Wilcox, SB CEO, Manpower of San Bernardino 100
9/23/2011 Arrowhead Mechanical Inc. 200
9/23/2011 Matich Corporation 1500
9/23/2011 Friends of Jim Penman [Non-monetary] Share of Mailer from SBPEA 316.62
9/23/2011 Friends of Jim Penman [Non-monetary] Signs 2,611.75
9/23/2011 John Segovia Retired [Non-monetary] Food,Beverages and supplies 352
Unitemized Monetary below $100 977
Total contributions this election $13,883.98
William Valle
7/23/2011 Jonathan Abraham, Redlands Software Engineer, ESRI 100
7/29/2011 Irene Hernandez-Blair Child Support Supervisor, LA County 35
7/29/2011 Agnes Shumate Operations Clerk, Omnitrans 25
7/29/2011 Gabe Serna Operations Analyst, Omnitrans 25
7/29/2011 Ronald Freeland Maintenance Mechanic, Omnitrans 20
8/15/2011 William A. Valle, SB [Loan, No Interest, No Date Due] 200.81
9/24/2011 Rachel Arzu Unemployed [Car Magnet] 18
Total contributions this election $423.81
Gigi Hanna
8/1/2011 Tony Barber, SB [Non-Monetary: Office Space] 100
8/9/2011 Kevin Savetz, Portland, OR Owner, Savetz Publishing 100
8/9/2011 David Hanna, SB Retired [Loan, no interest due 12/1/2011] 2,900
8/11/2011 Naomi Myerchin, SB Teacher, SBCUSD 50
8/12/2011 Dawn Genzlinger, Seminole, FL IT Manager, Dept of Veterans Affairs 335
8/12/2011 Jan Braunstein, Claremont Retired Administrator, Chaffey College 50
8/12/2011 Susan Longville, SB Director, Water Resources Institute 100
8/17/2011 Trevor Cairns, Riverside Owner, Trevor’s Rustic Inn 100
8/18/2011 Robin Hollinger, La Selva Beach Store Clerk, Trader Joes 50
8/21/2011 Melanie Marshall, Vista Reporter, North County Times 20
8/23/2011 Brian Dado, Placentia Fed-Ex Driver 100
8/24/2011 Gigi Hanna [Loan, no interest, due 12/1/2011] 3,800
9/1/2011 Tony Barber, SB [Non-Monetary: Office Space] 100
9/20/2011 Gerald Garden, Sherman Oaks Retired teacher, Blair HS Pasadena 25
9/21/2011 Janet Lavelle, Oceanside Reporter, SD Union Tribune 50
9/22/2011 Gigi Hanna [Loan, no interest, due 12/1/2011] 2,000
Total Contributions this election: $9,880

There are donations from friends, family members and often the candidates themselves in the form of loans.

Esther Jimenez  had 27 donors of $100 or more, both monetary and non-monetary.  While most of the other loans in the other campaigns were non-commercial and no-interest, Esther Jimenez took a $3,800 loan from Arrowhead Credit Union at 9.9% interest.  Esther Jimenez’s three largest donors (other than the loan) were Richard Gonzales of Redlands ($1,550), Candidate for Third District Supervisor James Ramos ($1,000), and the campaign committee of Wilmer Amina Carter ($500), for whom Esther Jimenez works.  First Ward Council Member Virginia Marquez is another notable donor.

Peggi Hazlett’s sole contribution during this period is a $10,000 loan from Tjaarda Dairy in Shafter, California.  William Valle raised $423.81, including a loan from himself and other small contributions.

Gigi Hanna’s loans are self-funded or from her father.  Her monetary contributions are from friends and family.  They include the owner of Trevor’s Rustic Inn in San Bernardino, and former 2nd Ward Council Member Susan Lien Longville, now the Water Resources Institute director at Cal State San Bernardino.  The numbers above vary from Gigi Hanna’s Form 460 because of some addition errors in the original form, which will no doubt be amended if it hasn’t been already.

Amelia Sanchez-Lopez’s three largest donors, other than loans to herself, were $2,928.37 in combined in-kind donations from Friends of Jim Penman for City Attorney 2011, which include her share of a mailer paid for by the San Bernardino Public Employees Association and her share of the joint City Attorney Jim Penman/Amelia Sanchez-Lopez for City Clerk campaign signs, $1,500 from the Matich Corporation, and a tie between Friends of Judi Penman and  former San Bernardino Mayor Evelyn Wilcox at $500 a piece.

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