Last Minute Mailers from Amelia Sanchez-Lopez and City Attorney James F. “Jim” Penman

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

First, a disclaimer:  this site is neutral as explained in the post “Why We Try To Keep Partisan Politics Out of These Postings”  These postings are provided as a community service, and not to push a particular candidate, or slate of candidates.

These are the seventh and eighth mailers (not including slate mailers) that I have seen from incumbent City Attorney Jim Penman. Both say they they were paid for by Jim Penman for City Attorney 2011, though one has a return address for Amelia Sanchez Lopez for San Bernardino City Clerk 2011.

The first of the two mailers is a black and white mailer with the Amelia Sanchez Lopez for San Bernardino City Clerk 2o11 return address on the back.  The front says:

Candidate David McKenna joins the

Republican Assault

against Working Families!



Candidate David McKenna says he supports more layoffs for city workers.

Source: San Bernardino Sun – Sept. 28, 2011


Candidate David McKenna supports slashing retirement and other benefits for employees who have already been forced to accept furloughs and pay cuts. [Source: Press Enterprise Interview – Oct. 13, 2011]

“Mr. McKenna has betrayed local Democrats.

Please join the working families of the AFL-CIO, the Assoc. of Colton Educators, and the San Bernardino Public Employees Assoc. in Voting for Jim Penman on November 8th.”

~ Laurie Stalnaker, Executive Secretary/Treasurer

Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO of the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

To contact Jim Call (909) 882-8986 or


The second column, taking up one quarter of the right side of the front of the mailer says:

City Attorney

Jim Penman

Fights For

Working Families!

Proudly Endorsed by

Labor and Democrats

  • Central Labor Council-AFL-CIO
  • San Bernardino Public Employees Assoc.
  • Association of Colton Educators
  • San Bernardino/Riverside Building Trades & Construction Workers
  • San Bernardino Police Officers Assoc.
  • Former Mayor Judith Valles

~ Partial List

The back of the mailer features a picture of City Clerk candidate Amelia Sanchez-Lopez.  The copy says:

Amelia Sanchez Lopez

Our Democratic Choice for City Clerk!

Endorsed by:

The AFL-CIO Central Labor Council

Former Mayor Judith Valles

The San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee

Congressman Joe Baca


To Contact Amelia Sanchez-Lopez call (909) 882-7085


On the front of the second of the two last-minute mailers is a letter:

Dear Fellow Citizen, [with pictures of Judith Valles, Tom Minor, and Evlyn Wilcox]
We were all honored to serve as your Mayor.
We love our community and want the best for San Bernardino’s future.
Today we are putting aside our personal political differences and joining together
in support of City Attorney Jim Penman.
Jim Penman is truly dedicated to the people of San Bernardino. He has spent his
entire adult life working to make our city a better place as a former Executive
Director of the Horne of Neighborly Service, as a firefighter, Police Commission
Chairperson, Civil Service Board member, Human Relations Commissioner,
Scout Master (Boy Scout Troop #21), PTA treasurer, as an active community
volunteer for four decades, and as our City Attorney.
Sometimes we agreed with Jim, sometimes we didn’t, but we have never doubted
his outstanding professional abilities or his sincere commitment to our
community. His office has always won the vast majority of lawsuits filed against
our City, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
As Mayors, we worked well with the City Attorney’s office under Jim Penman’s
leadership. We appreciated his integrity and willingness to stand up for his
Jim has brought innovative leadership to his office through the use of
Administrative Civil Penalties against absentee landlords and his use of legal
injunctions to combat gang crime. Jim’s record and his close relationships with
many of our police chiefs, has earned Jim the endorsement of former Police Chief~
B. Warren Cocke and Ben Gonzales, Lee Dean and Dan Robbins, all of whom
worked closely with Jim when they headed our Police Department.
please join us in supporting City Attorney Jim Penman. He is the best choice for
San Bernardino’s future.
Judith Valles
Mayor (1993-1998)
Tom Minor
Mayor (1998-2006)
Evlyn Wilcox
Mayor (1985-1989)

The front concludes with “On NOV. 8th, RE-ELECT City Attorney Jim Penman.”

The back of the mailer reads, superimposed on a picture of a gavel:

Who do all
3 Former Mayors,  4 Police Chiefs (ret.) and
5 Superior Court J (ret.) unanimously endorse?
“Between the two candidates for City Attorney we choose Jim Penman, the
better choice, beyond a reasonable doubt. He brings competence,
integrity and commitment to
the City Attorney’s office.”
Craig S. Kamansky
Superior Court Judge (ret.)

Stanley W. Hodge

Superior Court Judge (ret.)

John Wade

Superior Court Judge (ret.)
Paul Bryant
Superior Court Judge (ret.)

Robert W. Fawke

Superior Court Judge (ret.)

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