How Did the Candidates Endorsed by the PE and Sun Fare In The November 2011 San Bernardino Elections?

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law.

How did the local press do with their endorsed candidates?

The Sun endorsed:

San Bernardino City Council:

  • 3rd Ward: Tobin Brinker
  • 5th Ward: Chas Kelley
  • 7th Ward: Jim Mulvihill
  • San Bernardino City Attorney
  • David McKenna
  • San Bernardino City Clerk
  • Gigi Hanna

Of the City of San Bernardino races the Sun’s editorial board endorsed, the Sun went 1-3-1.  The tie was Gigi Hanna, who made the run-off for San Bernardino City Clerk.

How about our friendly neighbors to the south from the Riverside Press-Enterprise?:

David McKenna, Tobin Brinker, Chas Kelley and Jim Mulvihill.

How did they do?  1-3.

Either an anonymous wag, a hyperpartisan blogger or a paid political consultant said that a Sun or Press-Enterprise Endorsement was a kiss of death, but I would characterize the endorsements as largely irrelevant.  I think the one place that the endorsement may have helped a candidate is Gigi Hanna, because though she has lived in San Bernardino for some time, she was not as well known as some of the other choices.

What about the other periodicals? The Black Voice News: Lynda Savage, Mike Gallo, Juan Lopez and Margaret Hill for San Bernardino City Unified School District Board.  Not bad, they were 3 for 4.  How about the City of San Bernardino?  A bloodbath.  They endorsed Tobin Brinker, Larry Lee, Rikke Van Johnson, Jim Mulvihill, Esther Jiminez and David McKenna.  Of course, Rikke Van Johnson won because he was unopposed.  Otherwise, The Black Voice News’ picks all lost.

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