Using a Bluetooth Keyboard WIth an iPad 2: First Impressions

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law.

I have written before about the iPad 2 about whether it was a serious legal tool.  I concluded  that it was not particularly because you couldn’t touch type on the screen.  I had meant to buy a case keyboard combination for the iPad 2, but I neglected to do so.  Until today.

I bought the Logitech / ZAGGmate case keyboard combination at Costco.  It was on sale with an instant rebate for about $50.

First, the good.  There are a few special iPad tools, such as cut and paste, but like special keys on a regular keyboard, you usually have to look down to find them.  The best feature are cursor keys.

You can touch type on it, but it’s only about as good as a keyboard on a netbook.  Good, but not as good on a full size  keyboard.  But it is light years away from the keyboard version.  However since it is a case combination,  my palms tend to rest on the somewhat hard aluminum of the case

I am used to a trackpad and find myself reaching for one.  However, since the touchscreen capabilities of the iPad still work, I think that I can find a work around for it.

The keyboard is good enough for a quick blog post (which was so difficult with the  keyboard), for a medium size email.   There appears to be some redundancy that makes typing really quickly problematic.  Wordpress seems to have some problem with cutting and pasting, but that’s probably a WordPress problem.

I can see it would be good to take notes at a deposition, but I don’t have an app right now that does that.  I’m not sure I would write a summary judgment motion on it, even if you could rig it up.

In short, probably worth $50, don’t expect miracles, makes it easier to write email and short blog posts.

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