Friday Aside: How Many Ways Can San Bernardino Be Misspelled?

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

San Bernardino is often misspelled by both residents and non-residents alike.  One of the reasons is that it is sometimes pronounced “San Berdino” or “San Bernadino,” so sometimes people spell it that way.  The easy way to remember how to correctly spell San Bernardino is to think of the English analogue of San Bernardino: Saint Bernard, like the dog.  (Of course, San Bernardino is named not after the dog, but after Saint Bernardine of Sienna, since it was (allegedly) named on the Saint’s Feast Day, May 20, 1810.  However, there are multiple ways to misspell San Bernardino, and they still seem to lead to my blog.  Here are some of them in my recent logs:

  • sanbernardino
  • san berardino
  • san bernadiino

Another site, in reference to the ski resort in Europe says these are common misspellings:

San-Bernardino, San-Bernardo, Sanbarnadino, Sanberadino, Sanberandino, Sanberardino, Sanberdadino, Sanbernadeno, Sanbernadino, Sanbernandino, Sanbernardino, Sanbernardo, Sanberndino, Sanbernidino

A hotel booking site gives these misspellings:

Sn Berardino Bernadino Berdino Bernidino Ber. Bernardido Bernnado Bemardino Sanbernardino

Search engines correct many spelling sins.  Most of these will get (the correctly spelled) San Bernardino in results.  You have to go outlandish to not get San Bernardino: for example, “San Buhnudano.”  However, “Sab ernardino” goes to San Bernardino results, as does “Ban Sernardino” for the intoxicated searcher.  “Sn barnadono” suggests, among others, San Bernardino. Phonetic spelling also works, such as “Sayn buhrnadino” and just “barnardayno” works.  In getting to the San Bernardino Superior Court Website, you can search bernardino superior in Google, press “I’m feeling lucky” and get to the site.

However, some of the misspellings do go to websites if you choose to search the mistyped to go to a search result:  For example, “San Bernadeno”
The San seems easy, even though it is not an English word.  Though, “Sam Bernardino” amusingly, when searching that in Google, brings up San Bernardino Valley College’s Facebook Page.

Puns work sometimes: for example, Tan Bernardino does not, but San Burnadino does (it’s also a legitimate search term in its own right), like Sam Bernardino.

There are also intentional misspellings San Berna[obscenity] (the most famous being a bigoted phrase) or the nonsense San Bernadingo, but I won’t include them here.  I would estimate that half of the misspellings are unintentional (bad typing, typing on a mobile device), and the others are mishearing or not knowing how to spell San Bernardino.

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About Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law
Michael Reiter is a Redlands, California-based lawyer, serving San Bernardino County and Riverside County in Southern California's Inland Empire. Michael Reiter is a lawyer practicing in the following fields of law: Municipal Law, Code Enforcement Law, Small Business Law and Real Estate Law. Michael Reiter practices in all the local courts, including San Bernardino Superior Court, Riverside Superior Court, and the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Michael Reiter was admitted to the California State Bar in 1998. Michael Reiter was Assistant City Attorney for the City of Redlands, a Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Bernardino, and Staff Attorney for Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino. Michael Reiter serves all of San Bernardino and Riverside County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County. Michael Reiter can be reached at (909) 296-6708, or by electronic mail at 300 E. State St. #517 Redlands CA 92373-5235

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