City of San Bernardino City Manager’s Office Organizational Chart July 23, 2012

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post on San Bernardino’s Fiscal Emergency Operation Plan Memorandum, Wednesday’s snapshot of the City of San Bernardino’s Community Development Department Code Enforcement Division, and Code Enforcement salaries yesterday, here is more from the City of San Bernardino’s Fiscal Emergency Operation Plan Memorandum showing the organization of the City Manager’s Office in San Bernardino, dated July 23, 2012.

This was found on page  36 of the Fiscal Emergency Operation Plan Memorandum.

The chart shows Interim City Manager Andrea Travis-Miller at the top, with a vacant Assistant City Manager position, and Executive Assistant to City Manager Tanya Romo below Interim City Manager Andrea Travis-Miller, and co-equal on the chart to the vacant Assistant City Manager position.  Below those two positions are two divisions, Community Relations – Public Information, and Administrative Support.  In the Community Relations – Public Information column are nine positions, two of which are vacant.  At the top is the “Manager of Communications,” listed as vacant.  Next is Neighborhood Services Coordinator/Assistant of the City Manager, also listed as vacant.  There is a “Community Relations Supervisor/Assistant of the City Manager, who is above five SB Direct Call Taker (including a Senior SB Direct Call Taker.

On the Administrative Support division, there is one Assistant To The City Manager, a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Project Manager/Assistant of the City Manager, a Management Analyst II/Assistant of the City Manager, and an Administrative Assistant to [the] City Manager.

We see four kinds of nomenclature for assistants in the City Manager’s Office.  There is the vacant Assistant City Manager, there is the Executive Assistant to the City Manager, and an Assistant to the City Manager, and there are two Assistants of the City Manager (one is vacant).

When I was last employed by the City of San Bernardino, only one of the twelve people in the City Manager’s Office was there.

There will probably be some cuts to the City Manager’s Office in the reorganization process / bankruptcy, but I do not imagine it will be as severe as the cuts to other departments.

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