What Facebook is Revealing About You When You Visit My Facebook Profile

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

I reluctantly joined Facebook at the very late date of late 2010 after I opened my firm.  In my former practice as a government attorney, I believed that the less information that was there about me, the better. However, I now use Facebook to amplify my other social media offerings, primarily the blogs.  However, anyone who is interested in their privacy needs to mind the settings on Facebook, and consider not being on Facebook.

Facebook suggests friends not only based on your friends’ friends, but also on viewers of your profile.  Here’s some anecdotal evidence from my experience: all my pages are work-related and public. Facebook suggests  current, former and potential clients and even opposing parties and counsel,  that have viewed my profile but have not contacted me.  I think people forget that they are logged in Facebook when they are browsing.

To paraphrase what other people have said, the reason that Facebook is free is because you are the product being sold.

Happy New Year to my regular reader(s), no doubt 2013 will be more productive than 2012 at this site.

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