Michael Reiter, Inland Empire Personal Injury Lawyer

Michael Reiter, Inland Empire Attorney

Michael Reiter is an Inland Empire, California Personal Injury Lawyer.  Based in Redlands, San Bernardino County, Michael Reiter has more than sixteen years of experience as a civil litigator, working both as a Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Bernardino and as Assistant City Attorney for the City of Redlands.

Michael Reiter’s Personal Injury Law practice focuses on helping people whose body, mind, reputation or property have been damaged.  Michael Reiter assists those who have been injured by the government, businesses and individuals. Michael Reiter’s personal injury law practice includes: accidents and personal injuries; car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents, character injuries and injuries to reputation; dangerous property including dangerous conditions of public property; financial injuries; intentional injuries; mass accidents; serious injuries and catastrophic injuries; trespass, nuisance and real property torts; eminent domain and inverse condemnation (including flooding); and wrongful death.

As a sole practitioner with over fifteen years of practice in the San Bernardino Superior Court, the Riverside Superior Court, Orange County Superior Court, Los Angeles Superior Court, the United States District Court for the Central District of California, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Michael Reiter is the lawyer to give you personal attention and assist you in your claim for damages.
For more information about Michael Reiter, San Bernardino Personal Injury Lawyer, please visit his website at michaelreiterlaw.com.

Contact Michael Reiter:

Michael Reiter

Attorney at Law

300 East State Street, Suite 517

Redlands CA 92373-5235

(909) 296-6708


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