Sharon “Bobbie” Perong Campaign Flier For San Bernardino City Unified School District School Board Election 2011

By Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

I received a copy of Sharon “Bobbie” Perong’s Campaign Flier from the Perong Campaign. She is running for one of the four open seats for the   Here is the front, here is the back.  I also found this YouTube video from the Perong Campaign, which was posted September 10, 2011.

The flier gives this information about Sharon “Bobbie” Perong’s platform:

What I will bring to this position is . . .

  • An educator’s perspective to the board
  • Passion for excellence in all aspects of a student’s school experience
  • Willingness to listen and understand the concerns of parents, educators and the community
  • Installing life long love of learning
  • Reviewing the budget and problem solve ways to adjust funds in this time of economic crisis
  • An accountability for decisions that affect the education of our students.
  • An accountability for decisions that affect the education of our students.
  • Exploring programs that will provide quality education
  • Providing tools that will insure [no further text]


Quality schools require the involvement of all stakeholders.  What students learn in school prepare them for a challenging world[.]

Students need life values that help them excel in their futures.  We need to include the new three “R’s” of Responsibility, Respect, and Results in education.

It is my goal to ensure that our students have the best education possible.  It is essential that our students have the knowledge to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.  We need to give them the means to be prepared for a future where they will be our thinkers, artists, leaders, inventors and entrepreneurs.  Together we can provide our students with an education that gives them the knowledge, skills and practice to become accomplished citizens of the 21st century.


Ms. Perong gives her resume as follows:

  • Educator for over 20 years
  • Mentor and BTSA Provider for Educators
  • Trainer for curriculum design and classroom management
  • Test and curriculum developer for California and Kansas States
  • Executive Board Member for The Women’s Club of San Bernardino
  • Superintendent of Church School
  • Chair of the Witness Committee
  • President of PTA
  • President of School Site Council
  • Boys’ Commissioner of AYSO
  • Treasurer of AYSO

I was unable to locate additional biographical details regarding Sharon “Bobbie” Perong.  She is a retired teacher from the San Bernardino City Unified School District, but I was unable to locate online any information about her former schools.

I have also received campaign literature from Damon L. Alexander and Dr. Elsa Valdez, which I will be posting later.  If any campaign wants to send me information, I will post it.

Address : 300 E. State St. Suite 517

                  Redlands CA 92373-5235
Telephone: (909) 708-6055