Criminal Assignments in the New San Bernardino Justice Center

By popular request, here are the criminal law assignments at the new 247 W. Third Street San Bernardino Justice Center:
Courtrooms 1-4 will be unavailable until the fall (on the first floor)
S6 will be Judge Kenneth Barr (Misdemeanors)
S7 will be Judge Douglas N. Gericke (Preliminary Hearings)
S8 will be Judge Gilbert (specialty courts (drug court, veteran courts, etc) and video arraignments
S14 to S20 will be criminal trial courts, and I don’t have information on assignments yet.
Criminal will be located on floors 1-7.
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The New San Bernardino Justice Center Assignments (as of April 2014)

Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

I recently attended a meeting of GIEMLA and Judge Michael Sachs gave an update on the progress of opening the new Justice Center in downtown San Bernardino.  Here are some of the highlights:

15 Civil Courtrooms are available, of which 13 will be occupied.  Civil Departments will be located on floors 7-10.

20 Criminal Courtrooms are available, 18 will be occupied. Criminal Departments will be on floors 1-7.

There will be no pillars in the middle of the courtrooms.

Civil Assignments will be:

7th Floor:

S22 (Judge Donna Garza)

S23 (Judge Donald Alvarez)

S25 (Judge Keith Davis)

8th Floor

S27 (Judge Thomas Garza)

S28 (Judge Michael Sachs)

S29 (Judge Janet Frangie)

9th Floor

S30 (Judge Brian McCarville)

S31 (Judge John Pacheco)

S32 (Judge Pamela King)

S33 (Judge Joseph Brisco)

10th Floor

S34 (Mediations)

S35 (Judge Bryan Foster)

S36 (Judge Gilbert Ochoa)

S37 (Judge David Cohn)

Law and motion will be four days a week instead of 2

Limited Civil law and motion will be two days a week without a court reporter

Unlimited civil law and motion will be another two days a week

Judge Brisco will be the Supervising Judge for civil.



Michael Reiter, Attorney at Law

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Progress on the construction of the new San Bernardino District Courthouse

Here is a link to a photograph that I took on July 3, 2013.

I have taken a series of the photographs during construction every time I go to court (and when I remember to do so).

The construction is continuing apace. According to the Administrative Office of the Courts , the Courthouse is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2014.

One interesting fact that I did not know according to that site is that the address is actually going to be on second street – 247 West 2nd Street to be exact.

A: 300 E. State St., Suite 517
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